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HIKING & TREKKING TRIPS: Spain, Andalucia, Costa del Sol / Benalmadena

Location : Benalmadena, Costa del Sol Malaga Province
Starting Point: Benalmadena Pueblo or Arroyo de la Miel
Destination: Quejigal – 184 (?) meters high
Total length in Kilometres: 2(?) km
Total time of hike: 2-3 hours (round trip)
GPS Co-ordinates: Starting Point (Where car is parked): - Destination (Quejigal): 36' 41.649N 005' 02.575W
Difficulty: Low
Add. Comment: Pleasent Route that can be done in a couple of hours- ideal for a weekend morning or after work

Sendero del Quejigal- Benalmadena
Photo of flower on the Quejigal Route

Getting there: El Quejigal- This is one of my favourites in Benalmadena. Take the (A-368 road) that goes from the Coast or Arroyo de la Miel to Benalmadena Pueblo and make a turn to the right just on the curve. Pass the Motorway's viaduct (which is also visible from the road) and continue driving up the road to the top until it stops (1 min or so). There is plenty of space there to park and so far as I know, nobody has ever had any type of problem there. Here you should be able to see a path that is also marked “Quejigal.” One can also start the walk from either Benalmadena Pueblo or Arroyo de la Miel (just add 15 min or 25 min respectively).

The Hike: Quejigal is a type of tree, which with wind makes a “queja” or wining sound that used to be popular here before the summer fires wiped them out last decade. Anyways, the walk starts here and soon you will be walking among pine trees. The first 20 minuets or so of the walk are quiet uphill but then the inclination becomes a steady pleasant climb. The path soon divides in two, follow the sign to the right. You will pass some sort of quarry that stopped functioning ages ago. Actually, curiosity kills me, and if anybody knows what they used to mine here and when please email me this information.

Follow the path and soon you will find yourself walking by the steep mountainside in permanent green scenery, even in summer. On your way there are several small sheds, at least one of them contains water, which serves perfect if accompanied by your pet. The walk ends soon after you cross a small stream that normally dries up in summer. An explanatory map with the different routs and some information on the fauna (in Spanish) can be found here. There is also a bench with some nice views and a small fountain that never worked. Nearby there is a huge natural stone wall/ cliff that just makes this scenery a bit more special. Another path follows from here that soon divides in two. One takes you up to the Mijas Antennas and Mountains and the other to Benalmadena's Calamorro and the mountain lift (Teleferico).
Cantera en Benalmadena
Old mine on the journey

Precautions: Not any in special, carry some water and do not hike the path in the middle of the day in Summer - it can get hot here!

Personal Info: Hiked very often. My father, Michel, Rokko and Lolo are among the people that have done this route with us.

New Photo of el Quejigal soon


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